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Customers all across the UK have realised how much they can save by combining cheap broadband deals with a full package of TV and phone service form the same provider. Not only do these deals tend to be less expensive, they offer the convenience of only paying a single bill each month.

PleaseSwitch was created to help you compare broadband and cheap TV packages between different providers, making it easier than ever to find all of the services, features and extra options you need in a single, easy package. Better still, when you compare broadband TV and phone line deals here, you can save quite a bit of money every month!

What is a broadband, phone and TV bundle?

Essentially, this is a package deal where a single provider offers all three services at a substantial discount to customers who take all three services at once. By combining three of the most expensive services many UK households pay for every month, you can save hundreds of pounds every year without sacrificing any of the programming or service you have gotten used to! Many of these deals offer different features and added extras, so make sure to compare broadband and cheap TV packages carefully before deciding on one!

Consider these factors when comparing broadband, TV and phone deals:
  • Broadband speed and bandwidth allowances
  • HD, SD and pay-per-view programming options
  • Possible set up, installation and service call costs
  • Whether the service requires a set top box or router
  • How long the contract is, and whether you can end it early
What types of packages are available?
  • Satellite TV – These packages deliver programming, and often internet data, via a satellite dish attached to your home.
  • Cable TV – This type of package delivers TV, data and phone service using copper of fibre optic cables.
  • IPTV – These systems deliver broadband, TV and telephone service through your internet connection.
What does unlimited broadband actually mean?

Well, to begin with, it doesn’t always mean ‘unlimited’. Different providers have very different data restrictions, even among so-called ‘unlimited’ plans. Read the terms and conditions carefully before selecting any plan.

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