PleaseSwitch has many years’ experience helping people all across the UK find the latest broadband and home.

phone deals, as well as digital TV and other add-on or stand-alone services.
Are you looking for a cheap TV package, a deal on your home phone line, broadband service, or all 3? Just click on the types of service you are interested in below to see carefully curated quotes just for you.

Why should you use PleaseSwitch to find phone, broadband and TV deals?

Simply put, no one wants to pay any more than they have to for service.

Not many of us can imagine being able to ‘get by’ without high speed broadband, HDTV programming and a reliable phone line – even though some of us can still remember when two of those things didn’t exist. They are an indelible part of our lives now. But it is easy to become complacent, and stick with our current providers whether or not they offer the best prices and services.

PleaseSwitch makes it very easy to see whether your current provider or providers are truly competitive, or simply overpriced!

  • the latest high speed broadband, home phone and TV service deals
  • Make sure you aren’t paying more than you have to for your favourite services
  • …then switch easily if you find a better deal!

Are you looking for broadband, phone or TV service?

PleaseSwitch lets you compare between some of the best known providers of individual services and bundles, so you can find the best feature line up for you at the best price.

Combined broadband, home phone and TV service

Some of the best deals running are combination bundles which package high speed broadband, HDTV service and home phone service form the same provider.

Home telephone service only

Few of us can quite get by without the faithful land line. However, there are a lot more choices now then there were even a few years ago. Make sure you’re getting a good deal.

Broadband service only

High speed internet access has shifted from a convenience to an absolute necessity in just a few short years. Make sure you are getting the highest speeds for less.

Digital TV service only

Few of us are satisfied with the handful of broadcast channels available these days. If you are ready to change or upgrade your TV service, compare between providers first!

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