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Compare broadband and other business solutions with PleaseSwitch, and make sure you get the features that will keep you competitive at the best possible price.

Businesses from one end of the UK to the other trust PleaseSwitch to help them compare broadband and phone deals, and make sure they get the features they need at the most competitive prices. Just enter your details in the form below to get started, and we’ll assemble a carefully curated list of quotes from some of the best (and most affordable) providers, making it as easy as possible for you to compare business broadband, telephone, and related services.

Is it wise to get business broadband and telephony service from the same provider?

Of course, you have to make that decision based on your unique business needs and circumstances… but it is usually more convenient and less expensive to get both services form the same provider.

Virtually every business now makes extensive use of the internet, so choosing an ‘unlimited’ high speed package is almost a foregone conclusion. However, different industries and business types make vastly different use of their phone lines, so choosing the right package is still very individual.

Consider these factors when you compare broadband phone deals:
  • Network uptime and latency
  • Actual download and upload speeds, vs advertised speeds
  • Data caps, overage fees, and throttling
  • Set up, installation and service call costs
  • Are local or even long distance calls free?
  • How long is the contract duration, and can you end it early without large penalties?
  • Is business mobile service included?
What types of packages are available?
  • DSL data
  • Fibre optic data
  • Traditional phone service
  • VoIP phone service
What does ‘business’ broadband actually mean?

One of the things you need to be careful of, especially as a small business, is that you don’t end up with a ‘home’ or ‘consumer’ grade internet service. Not only can these become very expensive to use for business purposes, some providers make their ‘home’ customers a much lower priority than their ‘business’ customers when assigning bandwidth.

That could mean that during peak hours your data slows to a crawl.

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