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Switching energy suppliers only takes 4 minutes
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off your energy bills

Compare and switch gas and electricity providers at PleaseSwitch. Your business could save hundreds of pounds every year with a better gas and electricity provider!

PleaseSwitch makes energy comparison fast, accurate and simple by giving you a list of competing quotes from some of the best providers in the UK.

Gas and electricity rates can make or break your profitability some years!

Some years are good years, and it might not be a priority whether you are using the most competitive energy suppliers. However, not every business has that luxury. Make sure you have every competitive edge by comparing the various providers on PleaseSwitch now!

Free, Independent, Transparent Comparisons

You know you’ll be getting top rates as the suppliers compete for your business! Better still, we never add even a penny to your quotes.

We even make it easy to switch providers

The whole process could take less than 10 minutes of your time. Just enter your details in the form below, compare between providers, and choose the best option. Some businesses save thousands of pounds every year by comparing first!

What is PleaseSwitch?

PleaseSwitch is an independent and completely free to use comparison service. We help businesses of all sizes (as well as individuals) compare and switch gas and energy providers so they can choose the best for their situation and needs.

If this is free, how does PleaseSwitch make money?

We never charge you a penny, and we don’t inflate your quotes. If you choose to switch providers with PleaseSwitch, your new provider pays us a small fee for making the introduction. It comes out of their profits, not yours!

Do I need to cancel my current service to switch?

No, your new supplier will take care of all the details, and ensure that your service continues uninterrupted. All you need to do is decide which service offers the best deal.

How long does it take to switch business energy providers?

Usually it only takes a few minutes to compare and make your selection. Once you do, it can take up to 5 weeks for your service to be switched over.
Your new supplier will inform you of all the relevant details.

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