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A long holiday isn’t much fun of you are stuck in the hotel, and public transport just isn’t very glamorous!

That’s why PleaseSwitch makes it easy to conduct car hire searches, compare vehicle rental rates, and generally find the cheap car hire deals you need to really enjoy a long holiday!

Comparing vehicle rental prices is easy with PleaseSwitch, and we make the following promises:

  • We are a free service, and never add a penny to your costs.
  • We can help you find amazingly cheap car hire deals
  • We make it easy to perform car hire searches, and to book securely online
What should I consider when hiring a car for my holiday?
  • What about the climate where you are travelling? Most cars come with heaters, but will you need air conditioning as well?
  • Will you need a manual or automatic transmission? How about cruise control?
  • Do you need room for many people, or for a lot of baggage? Make sure you get a big enough vehicle.
  • Does your chosen provider offer child seats or other amenities? Do they charge extra?
  • Is car hire excess insurance included in the hire fee? Will you need extra cover?
What will I need before I can hire a car?

When comparing vehicle rental policies, read each carefully. Each provider has different requirements, and each country has different guiding standards. In general, though:

  • You will usually need to be 21 or older. Many will charge more of you are under 25.
  • You will have to make the booking with a credit card in the driver’s name, and present it when you collect the car. You may need to produce your receipt as well.
  • You’ll need a full driver’s license.
  • You will generally also need a 2nd form of ID. A passport usually qualifies.
What will I need to book a car in the UK?

The DVLA requires a specific code to access your driving records. This code can be retrieved from https://www.gov.uk/view-driving-licence, but you’ll need

  • Your driving license number
  • Your NI number
  • Your post code (make sure your address is up to date on your license)
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