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Compare TV packages and providers with PleaseSwitch, and make sure you get the best digital TV package deals on offer.

Do you remember when there were just a handful of TV channels? Me neither. Today there are hundreds of digital television channels available across dozens of different service providers, in SD, HD, 3D and even 4K (if you have the equipment for it). However, not all cheap digital TV packages are as good as they sound, and each one has a distinct list of programming and features that you might love – or hate.

PleaseSwitch is here to help you tune in to the best digital TV package deals, compare different TV packages and providers in terms of programming, price, and added features, and generally find the best deal for you from what is currently available.

Keep features in mind when comparing digital TV deals

Every package offers something different, and you need to be aware of more than just price and the sheer number of channels available to you. For example:

  • How important is HD programming to you?
  • Do you need an advanced set-top box that offers digital recording, pausing and rewinding?
  • Do you wish to be able to watch pay-per-view movies and events?
  • Do you want to watch sporting events or other premium programming?

Some of the best digital TV package deals offer all of these features and more, but many do not.

Will I need to install a satellite dish to get digital TV?

Not necessarily. There are many providers that direct TV programming through the internet, cable, or an HDTV antenna. Many others, most notably Sky, do require a satellite dish to be fitted – an expense that may or may not have to come out of your pocket.

Is there an advantage to combining TV, internet and phone service form a single provider?

Sometimes, yes. If you are in the market for all three services at once, it can often be less expensive to combine these services. However, you must compare TV packages and providers carefully – after all, a cheap digital TV package that does not offer all of the features you need is no bargain at all.

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