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You could save hundreds of pounds every year when you switch to cheaper electricity prices! Compare electricity prices at PleaseSwitch.

It is easier than ever to compare electricity prices, see what the ‘green energy’ electricity providers have to offer, and select the best deal for you and your energy use pattern with PleaseSwitch!

Compare Electricity Pricesfor Happy Customers

PleaseSwitch makes it easy to compare suppliers and switch to cheaper electricity prices. That makes for lower tariffs, big savings, and thousands of happy customers! After all, that’s what you really want.

Free, Independent, Electricity Tariff Comparisons

PleaseSwitch lets you collect like-for-like quotes from 30 or more energy suppliers serving your area, making it easier than ever to find a better deal, lower tariffs and better customer supportfrom your new electricity provider.

Save Money On Your ElectricityBills With PleaseSwitch

We all want to pay as little as possible for our electricity, but we don’t always know how to find a better deal. You could find a better supplier and start the process of switching in just a few minutes with PleaseSwitch.

What is PleaseSwitch?

PleaseSwitch is a free, independent comparison service which lets you compare electricity prices, including ‘green energy’ electricity, easily between different suppliers, and select the best deal on offer.

How do youmake money if you offer a free service?

Our service is completely free for you to use. Any supplier you do choose to switch to pays us a small fee. Our agreement prevents them from passing this fee on to you, so you are assured of a completely free service from PleaseSwitch.

Should I cancel my electrical service before I switch?

No, you should follow your provider’s policy in most cases. It can be helpful to cancel your direct debt to the older provider after their final bill has cleared, though.

How long does switching suppliers actually take?

Choosing a supplier might only take a few minutes. However, there is a 2 week cooling off period after you choose, and then getting the service actually switched over can take as many as 5 weeks.

Compare Cheap Electricity Price and Suppliers in UK | Pleaseswitch

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