Flight Delays

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PleaseSwitch can help you file for compensation form the airlines for delayed or cancelled flights, and possibly for other expenses or losses you faced as a result of them.

Air travel is expensive! If something goes wrong, you should be compensated for your time, and for your missed holiday!

It happens all the time. Perhaps a flight is delayed, causing your whole family to miss their connections. Perhaps there is a minor mechanical issue and the flight is cancelled entirely. The implications for your holiday are clear, but what happens to all the money you spent on flights, hotels and package holiday options?

PleaseSwitch can help you seek all the compensation due you from the airlines, which won’t restore your holiday, but will take a great deal of the sting out of the event.


When would cancelled flight or flight delay compensation pay out?

This depends on the terms and conditions of the airline. However, most protect you only from those circumstances which were under the airline’s control. You will generally be required to show evidence of these circumstances.


When will cancellation cover not pay out?

If you cannot travel (or choose not to travel) for any reason not specifically covered by the terms and conditions, or which you cannot prove were under the airline’s control, you will not usually be compensated.


Do I have to take out insurance cover to be compensated for cancelled or delayed flights?

No. But it can help. If you are owed compensation from the airline, this is not dependent on you having insurance. However, if you are insured, the insurer will generally pay out to you and then seek their compensation from the airline – putting you in a much better position.


What I expect from PleaseSwitch?

We will give you assistance in making you claim, and free advice on your case. We can help you make your formal claim to the airlines, and do our best to make sure all the paperwork is filled out correctly, the first time, and within all relevant limits.

We never charge you a penny, working instead on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis. If you do win your claim, we’ll take our fee from that.

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