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Switching energy suppliers only takes 4 minutes
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Compare cheap gas and electricity prices at PleaseSwitch. You could save hundreds of pounds every year just by comparing dual fuel prices!

PleaseSwitch makes energy supplier comparison simple, providing a fast, easy tool to get a long list of quotes which you can use to make like-for-like comparisons between different plans and providers.

Energy Supplier Comparison Leads To Happy Customers

PleaseSwitch has helped thousands of happy customers compare dual fuel prices, and find the kind of deals which could save them hundreds of pounds every year in lower tariffs.

Free, Independent, Transparent Comparisons.

We help you get quotes form more than 30 different energy suppliers, not just the ‘big six’, to make it easier for you to find the supplier that is best for you.

Save Money On Your Energy Bills With PleaseSwitch.

It can take as little as 4 minutes to switch energy suppliers. Depending on your location, energy usage and current supplier, you could save several hundred pounds a year, or even more!

What is PleaseSwitch?

PleaseSwitch is an independent and completely free to use energy supplier comparison service. We help people just like you to compare cheap gas and energy prices and choose the best (and least expensive) suppliers for their unique needs.

How does PleaseSwitch make money if the service is free?

We receive a small remuneration from the energy supplier you choose, if and when you choose to change your service. The supplier does not charge this fee back to you, and you pay nothing for the service no matter what.

Do I need to cancel my current energy supplier before I switch?

It is usually best to cancel your direct debit to your existing supplier only after your last payment has been processed. This can help to avoid unintended charges.

How long does it take to switch suppliers?

It only takes a few minutes to compare prices and make your decision, but there is a mandatory 2 week ‘cooling off’ period, and the actual switch can take a further 5 weeks after that. Your new supplier will inform you of your actual switch date in advance.

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