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You could save money every month when you switch gas suppliers with PleaseSwitch!

We make it fast and easy to compare gas prices and suppliers and choose the best deal for you. Get lower tariffs, better service by comparing comprehensive like-for-like quotes at PleaseSwitch!

We Help Happy Customers Switch Gas Suppliers

PleaseSwitch offers a fast new way to find the lowest prices for your gas service. Comparing between different plans and suppliers can save you hundreds every year. Nothing makes customers happier than that!

Compare Gas Price and Suppliers For Free

PleaseSwitch collects quotes from a wide range of gas suppliers in your area (not just the big 6!) and lets you compare them in a clear, easy to understand format. So what is most important to you? Lower tariffs? Better customer support? Green energy? You get to choose.

Save Money by Switching Gas SuppliersWith PleaseSwitch

No one wants to pay more than they have to for gas service, and het we don’t want to put up with poor customer service or confusing tariff structures for the privilege. PleaseSwitch lets you compare different suppliers to find the perfect offer for you.

What is PleaseSwitch?

PleaseSwitch is an independent comparison service. We help you compare gas prices and suppliers, and even make it easy to switch your gas supplier online. We show you what is on offer, and you pick the deal that suits you best.

If this is free, how do you make money?

We never charge you a penny. Here’s how it works: If you switch your service based on our comparisons, the company you switch to pays us a small fee. They don’t pass this fee on to you, and you get exactly the deal you signed on for.

Should I cancel my gas service when I switch?

No, typically you should follow your supplier’s instructions. However you may wish to cancel your direct deposit after their last scheduled bill.

How long does switching suppliers actually take?

Not long, really. There is a 2 week cooling off period, and then the actual switching of your service should take no more than 5 weeks. Your new provider will give you a specific date.

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