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Have you become injured or fallen ill on a package holiday, and need to make a claim for compensation?

Nothing can ruin a holiday faster than a sudden injury or illness. However, we can help you make a claim for compensation quickly and easily, and in a way that is less likely to be rejected.

Just fill in a few quick facts, and we’ll get started. You’re only a few clicks away from all the compensation you are deserved!

Our lawyers specialise in representing UK holiday makers who fall ill abroad, or following holidays.

Have you recently returned from a holiday, and been diagnosed with a salmonella, cryptosporidium, ecoli, campylobacter or shingella infection?

If so, you may be owed compensation!

How much might I be owed for my condition?

That of course varies depending on the unique circumstances of your case, but awards can range to as much as £15,000 pounds!

What causes holiday illnesses?

Just like at home, holiday illnesses can have a variety of causes. Some of the most common include:

  • Improperly prepared, lukewarm or over-rare food
  • Food left to stand too long, or too often reheated
  • The presence of fecal matter, often as a result of contact with flies or other insects
  • Contamination by birds or other animals in food service areas
  • Contamination from those who handle or prepare the food
  • Ice made from unfiltered water
  • Raw vegetables or salad
  • Cryptosporidium or other chlorine-resistant parasites or infections spread through ingestion of swimming pool water
  • Door handles, especially those of public toilets, but anywhere they may have come into contact with someone who has not washed their hands

Who would handle my claim?

We would turn your claim over to an established exert in package holiday illness, with the full support of microbiology and gastroenterology experts to make sure you get as much money as possible for the illness you suffered.

What I expect from PleaseSwitch?

We provide free, expert advice, and help you understand the claims process, your illness and who bears responsibility for it. If it looks like you have a claim, we’ll help you make it on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis. That means that if you don’t win, we will not charge you a penny. However, if your claim is successful, we’ll take our fee from what you are paid.

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