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The comparison tool makes it easy for homeowners and tenants alike to find the right building and content insurance cover for their unique situation and needs. You can enter your details below to compare cheap home insurance options on a like-for-like basis, and make sure you are fully protected! You can also make sure that you get all the protections you need, and aren’t paying for anything you don’t.

How does building and content insurance work?

Home insurance cover can be divided into two basic types – Buildings Insurance ad Contents Insurance.

  • Buildings Insurance covers only the building itself – just the structure (the walls, roof, floors etc.) but none of you goods or furniture. The policy may – or may not – cover sheds, conservatories, garages and other buildings on your property. Gates and fences typically are not covered. Check the details for each policy to make sure.
  • Contents Insurance covers your personal belongings – furniture, clothing, TVs and electronics – everything inside the building. There are 2 sub-types of contents cover, though.
  • New for Old cover – will pay for a new replacement for anything destroyed or damaged by a covered event.
  • Indemnity cover – also provides for normal wear-and-tear of your contents.
Will my outbuildings be covered?

Each policy will vary, so check the specific language. In general, though, garages and sheds are not considered ‘rooms’ of a home, and the policy will not usually cover their content. However, conservatories and other additions usually are considered ‘rooms’, and if so their content will be covered in the same way the rest of the home is.

Should I be looking for joint buildings and contents insurance?

There is no one answer, as some people will benefit more form a joint policy, and others might do better insuring their home and contents separately. Consider all of your potions carefully before deciding.

However, homeowners will often find it less expensive to get a joint policy from a single provider. Conversely, renters cannot usually benefit from buildings cover, so will rarely need joint buildings and content insurance coverage.

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