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PleaseSwitch makes it easy for you to compare the best mobile phone deals, and choose the one that is perfect for you.

Even with the best deals spread out in front of you, it can be hard to choose. So here are a few things you should think about when comparing mobile phone prices and mobile phone contracts:

  • Minutes- How much actual talk time is included with the basic price? Is there any provision for free calls to certain people or numbers on the same network? How much does overage actually cost?
  • SMS (text messages)- Does the plan offer unlimited texts, or will you be charged for each one over a certain number? If you do a lot of texting, you should look closely at this when you compare the best mobile phone deals.
  • Mobile Data- This includes streaming audio and video, Skype calls, or anything else you might do over a 3g or 4g network. It is important to consider how much data you actually use when you compare mobile contracts.
  • Contract Length- If you always like to have the latest model phone, you should select a shorter contract length. If this is less of a priority for you, consider an 18 month, 24 month or longer contract. You will typically pay a lot less per month.
How should I choose between handsets (phones)?

Again this comes down to what is important to you. When comparing mobile phone prices, consider these basic factors, and how they would affect your use of the phone:

  • Features and Capability- If you can get by without the latest bells and whistles, you can find yourself paying dramatically less per month. However, if you need a full ‘computer in your pocket’, with email, high definition video recording and lots of productivity apps, you’ll want to pop for a more expensive model.
  • Operating System- Are you more used to Windows Mobile, iOS (Apple) or Android operating systems? These days most of them have all the same features and can run the same apps, so this is more of a question of style and preference.
  • Cost- Sometimes all you need is a good phone at the lowest possible price. Other times you may have a specific budget to work with. In any case, price will always be a strong consideration.
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