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Public Liability Insurance

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PleaseSwitch is a simple, reliable and fast way to compare different public liability insurance quotes. It lets you know exactly what is available, and helps you sort through all the various options to find those policies that offer everything you need, and don’t expect you to pay for things you don’t.

What is public liability insurance anyway?

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Public liability insurance is basically third-party cover for your business. Most business owners owe it to themselves and their families to at least consider the benefits of cheap public liability insurance, especially if they have any contact with members of the public or other third parties as part of their operations.

What types of businesses use public liability cover?

Virtually any type of business that interacts with customers or members of the public may need public liability cover at some point.

What does it actually cover?

Public liability insurance is there to compensate any third-party claimant who may have been injured on your premises, or as a result of you doing business in some way. If you don’t have some kind of liability insurance, you could be liable for medical bills, damages, loss of earnings and more.
Some pubic liability policies also protect you against any damages awarded to the claimant of any kind, even including legal costs. This is important, as you could be required to pay for the court’s time, and even for the claimant’s attorney fees, if you are found to be at fault in the matter.
The right public liability policy could cover all of those expenses, potentially saving your business.

Am I required to carry public liability insurance?

Typically, no. However, it could prevent you from going bankrupt if something terrible happens. For example:

If your business (not necessarily you yourself) is responsible for the death or injury of a member of the public (as opposed to an employee), say a customer trips on a negligently placed object on your floor, you could easily find yourself responsible for tens or even hundreds of pounds in compensation to them. Having liability cover could prevent that, while making sure any innocent victims still get the help they deserve.

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