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PleaseSwitch lets you compare SIM card deals quickly and easily, so you can always be sure you aren’t paying more than you need to.

With so many different options and features offered between so many different providers, finding really cheap SIM only deals can be challenging. With that in mind, we’ve outlined some of the things you should consider when you compare mobile SIM deals below.

How Does a SIM Only Package work?

Basically, you get phone service that is tied to a particular SIM card, but you have to supply a compatible phone yourself. All you get is the talk time, texts, mobile and perhaps a few other features.

Who Might Need a SIM Only Contract?

While cheap, SIM only deals aren’t right for everyone. The basic distinction is whether or not you currently have a mobile phone that you are happy with. If you do, you could save quite a bit by keeping it and only buying service for it. However, f you need a new phone, don’t have one at all, or just really like having the latest model, a SIM only plan might not be a good choice.

  • Flexibility It might well be worth comparing mobile SIM deals if you want to have the option of changing your service, or cancelling it entirely, on short notice. Because the deal does not include paying for a phone across the length of the contract, most companies do not require any commitment. You can change or cancel your service whenever you wish.
  • Sticking with a winnerIf you’ve reached the end of your standard phone contract, but don’t immediately need an upgrade, you could save a lot by comparing cheap SIM only deals, both from your existing provider and the competition.
What type of SIM card do I need?

That really depends on the phone you want to use it with. Some phones use the ‘standard’ full-size SIM. Others use a micro SIM, and the newest almost all use the nano SIM. All of these cards do the same thing, but each is smaller than the last, and take up less valuable internal real estate in the newest and smallest handsets.

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