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Compare home phone & land line deals with PleaseSwitch, and make sure you get the best home phone package at the best price.

There are more companies offering cheap home phone line deals than ever before – you certainly aren’t limited to your current provider! But along with all this choice comes uncertainty. You need to be able to compare home phone and land line deals with certainty, in order to choose the right home phone package for you.

But of course, that’s what Please Switch was created for! If you need a bit of advice before you start, the read on. Otherwise, just cluck on the link below to enter your details, and we’ll assemble quotes for some of the best (and cheapest) home phone line deals in your area.

How do I choose between home phone packages?

The key is eliminating all of the offers which do not offer the features you need, or are poorly suited to your household’s phone usage pattern. Some of the features and terms you should consider are listed below.

  • Cost for local calls – are some or all of your local calls free, or do you have to pay for them? This charge can quickly add up.
  • Cost for long-distance calls– do you have a budget of ‘free minutes’ for long distance? How much will you be paying per minute, and does this amount vary from country to country? Pay special attention of you make a great deal of calls to a small number of other countries. Some providers will offer free or reduced cost calls to particular countries, while others might charge substantially more.
  • Line Rental – even if you don’t make any calls that cost you money, most providers charge ‘line rental’ and other minimum monthly charges. Consider these when budgeting.
  • Customer Service – not all providers are equal in this regard. Read up on each, and find out what kind of customer service reputation they have.

In the end, cheap land line deals are plentiful. Make sure you select ne that supports the way you use your phone, and you can expect lower bills than from an unsuitable plan.

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