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Travel Insurance

Compare travel insurance quotes, including annual multi-trip and single trip holiday insurance, at PleaseSwitch.

Not only will it help ensure you are fully protected, it could save you quite a lot of money! Comparing annual multi-trip, single trip, holiday insurance and many other types has never been easier.

The comparison engine makes it easy for you to find the perfect worldwide travel insurance for you, and to compare travel insurance providers against each other. That way you can be more certain to get all the features you need, without paying any more than you have to.

What are my options for travel insurance?

Well, every provider seems to offer something different. There are no ‘3 tier systems’ like in auto insurance. However, most customers will be looking for a package that encompasses one or more of the following features

  • Airline failure cover, to replace or refund your airfare if something goes wrong.
  • Emergency cover, including emergency travel assistance.
  • Holiday cancellation cover, to refund your money if you cannot make the trip.
  • Legal assistance, to make sure your rights are protected in foreign courts.
  • Lost, damaged and stolen baggage cover, to replace what you need most quickly.
  • Medical and/or dental cover, which can be a literal life saver if you fall ill abroad.
  • Personal liability cover, especially if you’ll be doing something risky.
Do I need to carry travel insurance?

It certainly isn’t mandatory – there is no law against foregoing insurance protections. However, if anything terrible does happen – which is a real possibility these days, you might not want to risk being liable for all of your own emergency expenses. Medical care and repatriation can be particularly expensive in many parts of the world!

Is whole family travel insurance an option?

Usually, yes. However, the levels of coverage on these policies can vary dramatically. Make sure you read the ‘fine print’ quite carefully, and that what you select really does cover everyone you need it to, and that it does so in the ways you need it to cover them. There’s no sense paying extra for something which doesn’t do the whole job.

Compare Multi Trip Travel Insurance Deals. | Pleaseswitch

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